Vital Signs DB App Reviews

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Sooooo disappointed

Was so excited when I downloaded this app!!! It's perfect/tracks everything I want. Except, only records body temp in Celsius. As annoying as Americans are, we don't have a choice on temp system.

Developer doesn't care!

My comments are the same as those from OVER A YEAR AGO! Can't record temperature in F°. Can't record the precise BP reading. (I know; how silly to expect precision in something called "Vital Signs".) A graphing ability to show trends is a basic diagnostic tool. Since the developer ignores us I suggest we reward him with a Big Fat DELETE.

No Thanks…

…I'll keep looking for a better app. Like someone else mentioned, you need to round your numbers to the nearest 5th, i.e. 173 becomes 170 or 175. No thanks.


My experiences are the same as the other reviews. Come guys just update this app. Also, add the ability to record respirations and fix this so it can be used on an iPad.

Share won't share

Well, I got a converter app for weight but now The sharing function doesn't work. Given Obama's new nosiness about my glucose levels, this is really quite critical.

Metric units only

Need to be able to choose Degrees in F and weight in pounds. Not clear how to chart the data.

Great app that needs major tweaks

I like this app so far. I do wish that it had a place for notes for each measurement and input. Additionally, the app needs to be adjusted so that the user can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit. I hope the designers are working on an update.

VS App

Need ability to enter exact BP measurements instead of rounding to nearest 5. Nice graph to see trends but what do numbers in circles refer too? Would like ability to note symptoms with each Assessment time or time you took medicine to show in the historical list view. Add ability to convert lbs to kg or enter either value & convert to the other.

Almost there!!

This app is good for recording data... But it doesn't have everything it says... At least my version has NO graphing capabilities AND I have share options but no option to email ALL data to share with my physician... Fix those and I can give it a 5!!!

Needs Update

Great looking app. I like the interface, it's different. However, you can only record BP in increments of 5 and it does not appear to support Fahrenheit. Update these and it's easily a 4-5 star app.

Needs an update

Why is BP in increments of 5? That's very odd. Weird interface too.


Why only Celsius?! Please update for Fahrenheit! This app would be awesome for people who have to check temps multiple times a day! :/

Celsius only?

I can see no way to switch the temperature display to F, which makes this app useless to me.

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